Invited Speakers

Keynote Talks

Entrepreneurship and social media

Salim Ismail
Head of Brickhouse, Yahoo!

Conversation tracking technologies: how to improve communication in a UGC world

Matt Colebourne
CEO, coComment

Semantic social software: the Semantic Web for consumers

Nova Spivack
Founder and CEO, Radar Networks (Twine)

Let's face it: Web 2.0 is all about advertising

Michael Breidenbrücker
Co-Founder, Lovely Systems
Co-Founder, Ltd.

Invited Panels

Mashups, microformats and the mobile web

Chair: Sean McGrath
CTO, Propylon

Panellist: Bill de hÓra
Engineer, NewBay

Panellist: Conor O'Neill
Founder, Argolon Solutions (LouderVoice)

Panellist: Ben Ward
Developer, Yahoo!

From blog-style commentary to conversational social media

Chair: Stephanie Booth
Consultant, Climb to the Stars

Panellist: Bernard Goldbach
Lecturer, Tipperary Institute

Panellist: Donncha O Caoimh
Developer, Automattic Inc. (

Panellist: Jan Schmidt
Senior Researcher, Hans Bredow Institute

Workshop Keynotes

Privacy and revocation, two sides of the same coin: using Google OpenSocial APIs to illustrate a new privacy model for the social web

Ajit Jaokar
Founder and CEO, Futuretext

Stuff I've been thinking about lately

Dan Brickley
Co-Founder, Friend-of-a-Friend Project
Programmer, Joost