Entrepreneurship and social media


Salim Ismail
Head of Brickhouse, Yahoo!


Salim Ismail is currently the head of Brickhouse, Yahoo's internal "ideas factory" where game-changing ideas are brought in, built and launched. He is also a successful angel investor and entrepreneur, and has operated seven early-stage companies. Salim serves as chairman of Confabb.com, the world's largest directory of conferences, and he also co-founded and built PubSub Concepts, a prominent New York-based startup which built internet-scale publish / subscribe systems. He started his career as a software engineer with CSC Europe, and then worked with ITIM Associates as a business and technology strategy consultant for five years. After building and operating two other early-stage companies, Salim founded the New York Grant Company in 2002, which in its first year attracted over 400 clients and delivered over $12 million of federal grants to the local economy. In 2001, Salim was presented with a New York City Award of Recognition by the Giuliani administration, and in 2003 he was nominated by Crain's Magazine as one of New York City's "Top 40 under 40" businesspeople. Salim has an honors degree in theoretical physics and computing from the University of Waterloo near Toronto, Canada.