Campus Móvil: designing a mobile Web 2.0 startup for higher education uses


Hugo Pardo Kuklinski*
University of Vic

Joel Brandt
Stanford University


In the intersection between mobile Internet, social software and educational environments, Campus Móvil is the consequence of a piece of research more a business idea. The Campus Móvil startup project is a prototype of an on-line application via mobile devices for Spanish university community, with exclusive and transparent access with institutional email account. The staff is working at Stanford Human Computer Interaction Group (August / December 2007) and the launching in beta version has been planned for September 2008.

Campus Móvil is proposed to cover unsolved necessities in university community related with the lack of ubiquitous services and network access for numerous specific activities that those produced on campus and lecture rooms with personal computers.

The presentation will include the main ideas of the Campus Móvil business plan: the concept of the product, the virtues and faults of mobile Internet Spanish market; marketing plan, bibliography, and the architecture and the prototype of interface design in both mobile and regular websites.